The Full Day Biking Tour Battambang

The full Day Battambang countryside bike tour .

Battambang is a beautiful small town and a blend of French colonial architecture, surrounded by the most peaceful countryside. This tour enables you to explore the smile of locals, just a few kilometers from the center of Battambang. Take a few stops at the highlight attractions in Battambang including, the Bamboo Train, suspension bridge, fishing village (Muslim village) local Buddhist monasteries, Khmer tranditional house Enjoy the scenery as we bike at our own pace. 

Start From:
$ 43.00/ person

Duration: 7 hours
Departure: 8 AM – 3 PM

Stop 1: Ancient Wooden House

There are many kinds of houses of the Cambodian people. Wat Kor village there is one of the old traditional house which was built in 1920 still located and with a good form.
Walking around this ancient house is likely to walk back in the ancient time. This house measure 28 meters in length and 11.5 meters in width, and was constructed on a surface area of 5,450 square meters in PET style (a kind of house ), meaning that the house has verandas called Balcony (drying place) at the front and its two sides. The house has two staircases; the front staircase was made of concrete and the rear staircases were made of wood. The house roof was tiled with antique Naga-scale- shaped tiles, with no inside ceilings. The top portion of the roof was adorned with splendid artistic decors. The above part of the roof was made of Phcheuk wood (a type of very hard and Excellent wood), and the floor-boards of the verandas were made of Kakoh wood (another type of very hard and excellent wood) As for the walls, they were constructed of woven bamboo and plastered. The 36 pillars were all made of phcheuk wood, and they are still strong up until today.

Stop 2: Buddhist Temple

Theravada Buddhism is the official religion in Cambodia which is practised by 95 percent of the population– just like that of Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka. However, Christianity and Cham Muslim are being active and popular among a large number of population as well in the capital and provinces, showing a sign of growth. Buddhists see the universe and all life as part of a cycle of eternal change. They follow the teaching of Buddha, an Indian prince born in the sixth century B.C. Buddhists believe that a person is a continually reborn, inhuman or nonhuman form, depending on his or her actions in a previous life. They are released from this cycle only when they reach nirvana, which may be attained by achieving good karma through earning merit and following the Buddhist path of correct living. These questions only enable or monks can answer. Your tour guides will bring you to contact
and have a long conversation related to Buddhism.

Stop 3: Fishing Village Exploration

Five provinces circled the area of Tonle Sap Lake, more than three million of population inhabited around the bank of the Lake and 90% of them earn a living by catching fish and making agriculture. As you can see on the map of Cambodia It stretches across the northwest section of the country. According to Battambang province is not so far differences from the five provinces that people who live along the river bank start growing rice, vegetable and fishing for their living. Get to know and contact the local, learning how to use the fishing net with them. Learning how to catch the fish with the locals.

Stop 4: Bamboo Train

Battambang’s most famous tourist attraction, the bamboo trains, or nori, are improvised trains made from bamboo platforms and small motors that run on the disused train lines. Traditionally used by locals to move cargo back when the roads were more difficult to traverse, the bamboo trains are now more often used by tourists..


- Enghish Speaking Guide

- Tuk Tuk pick up in the morning from your hotel
- Water 
- Mountain bike (MTB) ( Cannodale Trek )
- Lunch
- local fruit
- All tickets included ( Bamboo Train Ticket)


  • Personal expenses
  • Guarantees ( optional )
  • Personal travel insurance
  •  Personal expense

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