Our Projects

Our project provide free education to poor children, Youth, orphan children in community , who are not able to afford English classes and tutoring to supplement their education such as English language ,and computer skill. Advantage for future generations and mastering computer skill to help them to get betters jobs and have better life in the future .


We provide free and sustainable education for children and young adults in the countryside  Village. With most jobs in battambang going to those with good language skills, we are giving our students a high-quality English education, as well as providing free vocational training to set them up for life in the modern world.


Our vision is to resolve social and community issues so that children in the communities have a better life in the future.


We aim to provide free education, without restriction, to children within Otaki Village, and surrounding Villages, through non-formal (supplementary) English education and computer skill training.

- To provide non-formal education and reduce the level of poverty in communities
- To offer more effective educational opportunities and facilitate learning for the kids in Battambang.

What do we do?

  • Reduce the poverty of children and youth in village through education.
  • Offer an opportunity to the poor children and youth who have stopped attending government school to return to study in an informal this school.
  • Prevent drug abuse in the community through education.
  • Provide a safe space for children and youths to express themselves.
  • Provide moral education.
  • Help children to become more confident and develop critical thinking, with the hope that they can eventually take an active role in developing their own communities.

Education is the Bridge
to a Brighter Future.
“A Better Life for Children”


English Program:

We currently support approximately 40 children in Otaki Village and surrounding villages who are not able to afford English classes and tutoring to supplement their education. At present this school employs 3 full time teachers, 7 part time teachers.

English Class

School utilizes the series Let’s Go, published by Oxford University Press, to teach English. . All course material is taught in English so that students can become comfortable using English in their daily lives. Students are assessed monthly to monitor their progress.

Computer program

In September May 2018 we started our computer program beginning with 2 computers. We operate computer classes in the afternoons for children who are literate in Khmer and English to improve their prospects for future employment. Currently we employ 1 part time Cambodian computer teacher and have 7 operating computers. Classes run for 1 hour from 1pm-5pm, 5 days a week. The number of students able to attend classes is restricted due to the lack of facilities so all students are selected by their teachers to attend class. Students who excel in class, are motivated and willing to learn are given the opportunity to attend computer class. Students are taught how to use Microsoft programs such as word, excel, PowerPoint and publisher. Students are also taught how to use the English keyboard to write in Khmer script.